Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery DenverApproximately one-third of females and one-sixth of men are sexually abused by the age of 17. Many adult females also experience rape and date-rape as adults. Because our sexuality goes to such a core part of ourselves, the wounds from sexual trauma are usually deep as well. Every abuse victim has an experience of shame: “there must be something wrong with me for having been treated like that.” The shame leads to secrecy which often prevents a healing

We believe that when abuse and trauma is brought into the light that healing takes place. Each person needs to tell the story of his or her abuse. Simply telling the story to someone who cares can be a powerful step of healing. The message back from the one who hears is: your experience matters, your feelings matter, you are not alone in facing this trauma.

At The Intimacy Center we don’t “treat” trauma as something disconnected from one’s current life. We believe that each of us is a whole person and therapy should engage the whole person: one’s relationships now, one’s experience of oneself now, one’s spirituality now. We believe in keeping one foot firmly planted in the present as we explore one’s past for the source of dysfunctional beliefs and relationship patterns. Sometimes there needs to be changes made in current
relationships before trauma resolution work should begin.

Once a clear trauma has been identified as a source of pain and disturbance, we often use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) as a treatment method to more rapidly bring healing to the client. You can read more about this treatment method at We find that as clients do their deeper healing work about their sexual traumas or other traumas, that they are better able to receive love from God and others and better able to extend that love to others also.