Individual Therapy

Essentially two things happen in effective individual psychotherapy: a safe relationship is created between the client and therapist and the therapist helps the client to change in ways beneficial to the client. Creating a safe therapeutic relationship is a collaborative effort between the client and therapist.  The client brings the courage to open up about vulnerable issues and to risk seeing their life in new ways.  The therapist brings a commitment to understanding the client and offering a road map for change that guides the therapy to bring about the desired changes.  Human beings are creatures of habit, so the change process involves looking deeply at the recurring patterns in one’s life, one’s emotional experience of those patterns, and one’s deeply held wishes for a better life.  Effective therapy involves a journey into one’s soul as you discover what has been preventing you from making the changes you desire.  You may discover that you are living out scripts that you inherited from a dysfunctional family, but that no longer fit with who you want to be as a person.  You may learn to see your anxiety as a window into your deepest fears and see your depression as a window into your deepest longings.  You may discover that an expression of your spirituality is to live abundantly in a world that had seemed to offer only judgment and demands.  You may discover that a deep friendship with yourself and learning to “come to your own assistance” is the key to risking deep connecting with those in your life.  At the Intimacy Center, we are committed to making individual therapy a safe place to discover your deepest self and to grow the version of you who reaches out to others to create intimate and satisfying relationships.