Getting Started in Sex Addiction Recovery

We see Sex Addiction Treatment occurring in three phases:

  • Initial session
  • Assessment and development of treatment plan
  • Treatment

1.    Initial Session

Over the phone, your therapist can help you decide whether the initial session will be a couples session or an individual session. If it should be an individual session the session should accomplish the following:

  • For you to tell “your story” and explain what you are wanting to accomplish through therapy
  • That the therapist summarizes well what the client(s) have expressed and to give an initial description of how therapy could be helpful
  • For the client to assess whether it “feels” like a good fit between client and therapist
  • For the therapist to describe the components of an assessment process

If the couple’s relationship is in crisis as a result of sexual behavior, then it is usually best to begin with a couples session. Go to: Healing from Sexual Betrayal.

2.    Assessment and Development of a Treatment Plan

The basic list of questionnaires is:

  • Intake Questionnaire (gives information on presenting problems, family background, symptom checklist, etc.)
  • Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory – III (MCMI-III) (This is a personality test that gives us information about problematic interpersonal patterns you may have.)
  • Sexual Dependency Inventory (gives the therapist a thorough history of the out-of-control sexual behavior; online questionnaire)

Additional assessment devices might be used to clarify other clinical problems such as depression and anxiety. Typically, the written questionnaires are returned and scored prior to the second session. When the assessment is complete the therapist will then meet with the client and present the treatment plan. If the treatment plan includes recovery for sex addiction, then the therapist and client work together to develop a personal, written Recovery Plan for Sex Addiction.

3.     Treatment

Recovery from any addictive problem is always a multi-faceted endeavor. Individual therapy is never sufficient: “it takes a system to change a system.” Clients are urged to find a good 12-Step recovery group. Many clients enter a sexual addiction psychotherapy group fairly early in recovery. Many clients need marital therapy to deal with pain and crisis in their marriage.

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