Child Play Therapy

Is your child or adolescent having any of these warning signs of mental health disorders:

  • Sad and hopeless for no reason, and these feelings do not go away?
  • Very angry most of the time and crying a lot or overreacting to things?
  • Worthless or guilty often?
  • Anxious or worried often?
  • Unable to get over a loss or death of someone important?
  • Extremely fearful or having unexplained fears?
  • Constantly concerned about physical problems or physical appearance?
  • Frightened that his or her mind either is controlled or is out of control?

Your child or adolescent experiencing big changes, such as:

  • Showing declining performance in school?
  • Losing interest in things once enjoyed?
  • Experiencing unexplained changes in sleeping or eating patterns?
  • Avoiding friends or family and wanting to be alone all the time?
  • Daydreaming too much and not completing tasks?
  • Feeling life is too hard to handle?
  • Hearing voices that cannot be explained?
  • Experiencing suicidal thoughts?

Your child or adolescent experiencing:

  • Poor concentration and is unable to think straight or make up his or her mind?
  • An inability to sit still or focus attention?
  • Worry about being harmed, hurting others, or doing something “bad”?
  • A need to wash, clean things, or perform certain routines many times every day, in order to avoid an unsubstantiated danger?
  • Racing thoughts?
  • Persistent nightmares?