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Summer Love in Denver. Let’s Recreate!

06 Jun

There’s no better way to get a relationship rejuvenated than by recreating together. You can literally re-create your relationship into one that is fun, peaceful, and connecting by learning to play together. John Gottman, America’s foremost marriage researcher, found that at the foundation of all healthy marriages is a solid friendship. Gottman found that one […]

Sexual Anorexia and the Cuddle Hormone

14 May

Ralph calls me up and schedules an appointment. He is in crisis because his girlfriend, Sarah, discovered his sex chat with another woman and has threatened to end the relationship. Ralph recounts his history of looking at porn, masturbation, a long history of one-night stands in the dating scene, and, more-recently, forays into the intrigue […]

Sex Is Not the Problem

30 Mar

Recovery from sex addiction requires both letting go of the bad and embracing the good. Too often sex addicts feel that they must “give up sex” or else they will be caught up again in their self-destructive acting out cycle. The addict can develop sexual anorexia in which it actually feels safer to avoid all […]

I Am Not Alone

27 Feb

A man meets with me.  He is filled with shame, guilt, and despair.  He has decades of living a secret life of sexual acting out.  His earlier life of pornography and strip bars graduated to sex chat online, anonymous hook ups, and prostitutes.  He confesses that I am the first person he has ever told […]