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Big Dream, 2016

23 Dec

For several years I have wanted to do a follow-up mission trip to Nepal, but this time with my wife, Robin. She didn’t want to take the necessary three weeks away from our son while he was still in high school and it took her another year to adjust to the challenge of being away […]

Summer Love in Denver! Assessing your Relationship.

04 Jul

Summer Love in Denver! Assessing your Relationship. Those of you who have been reading this blog have already read about the first three types of intimacy. Hopefully, you’ve been using these ideas with your partner to deepen these types of intimacy in your relationship. Before we get any further along in this process, I thought […]

Summer Love in Denver! Vocational Intimacy

26 Jun

This type of intimacy certainly doesn’t sound very sexy. But truly this type of intimacy can build a strong foundation for a successful partnership including a passionate sexual relationship. Vocational intimacy is built whenever two people join together in a significant way to accomplish a task. It is powerful because it taps into our natural […]

Summer Love in Denver. Let’s Recreate!

06 Jun

There’s no better way to get a relationship rejuvenated than by recreating together. You can literally re-create your relationship into one that is fun, peaceful, and connecting by learning to play together. John Gottman, America’s foremost marriage researcher, found that at the foundation of all healthy marriages is a solid friendship. Gottman found that one […]

Summer Love in Denver

29 May

Do you want to have a passionate, fun, and satisfying relationship with your partner? But does your relationship feel more stuck in a rut of routine, busyness, responsibilities, and distance? This summer just may be the time to re-ignite the love in your relationship! Over the next six weeks I am going to offer you […]

Sexual Anorexia and the Cuddle Hormone

14 May

Ralph calls me up and schedules an appointment. He is in crisis because his girlfriend, Sarah, discovered his sex chat with another woman and has threatened to end the relationship. Ralph recounts his history of looking at porn, masturbation, a long history of one-night stands in the dating scene, and, more-recently, forays into the intrigue […]

The New Truck Crisis

09 Dec

I have decided to buy a new truck.  And this is very difficult for me.  You see, in my 60 years on this planet I’ve never purchased a new vehicle.  I’ve prided myself on my frugality and practicality of owning used cars that are a “better value.”  I think there is some goodness in that […]

A Dangerous Place

11 Nov

A repeated saying in 12-Step groups is, “My mind is a dangerous place.  I really shouldn’t go there alone.”  When we try to “go it alone,” when we try to make sense of our lives on our own, we are condemned to see the world through our woundedness and fears.  My joy as a therapist […]

Primitives and Ambassadors

13 Oct

My son just got stung by a wasp while atop a ladder painting our house.  He flailed at the wasp totally forgetting that he was high off the ground.  This is what happens in marital fights: each person is fighting for personal survival, forgetting that they may be injuring the one person on the planet […]